The Maxwell School offers several certificate options to pursue either as an alternative to the EMPA program or in tandem with a Syracuse University master’s degree. Students may earn a certificate on a full-time basis over a single semester or take advantage of a longer time span to meet their individual needs.

Additional information on all Maxwell certificates


The 12-credit, graduate-level Certificate of Advanced Study in Conflict Resolution is administered by the Maxwell School’s Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC). This certificate, which can be pursued concurrently with another graduate degree or as a standalone program, allows students to engage in in-depth study of conflict theory, concepts, and skills.

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Health Services Management and Policy (EMPA only)

The 12-credit Health Services Management and Policy Certificate is designed for two semesters of study, and is open to EMPA or PhD mid-career candidates who require a policy background to operate effectively in a dynamic health care sector.

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Leadership of International and Non-government Organizations (EMPA and EMIR)

This 12-credit Certificate of Advanced Study, pursued concurrently with an EMIR or EMPA degree, provides mid-career managers and policy makers with a documented concentration in how international and non-government organizations are becoming deeply involved in functions previously managed by national governments; topics discussed include service delivery, poverty reduction, conflict management, and corruption prevention.

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Post-Conflict Reconstruction (EMPA and EMIR)

The 12-credit Certificate of Advanced Study in Post-Conflict Reconstruction is administered by the Maxwell School’s Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT), and offered concurrently for those pursuing an EMPA or EMIR degree. The Certificate’s focus includes international law and the rule of law, human rights and human security, conflict studies, diplomacy and international relations, humanitarian relief, economics of development, and capacity-building.

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Public Administration (EMIR only)

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Administration can be pursued concurrently by students enrolled in the EMIR program. Most individuals select their required 12 credits around an interest in improving their management and leadership skills, as well as an interest in developing concrete knowledge in a specific policy area.

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Public Infrastructure Management and Leadership (EMPA only)

The CAS-PIML is a 15-credit concurrent degree for those pursuing an EMPA, that is co-administered by the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science with Maxwell’s Executive Education department. This certificate program is designed for mid-career professionals to develop skills and knowledge that will assure awareness and competency for the planning,design, construction, maintenance, security, capital and operating budgets, environmental and social sustainability impacts, and public policy considerations of public infrastructure.

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Security Studies (EMPA and EMIR)

The 12-credit Security Studies certificate recognizes EMPA and EMIR graduate students who have sought to prepare themselves as professionals in the endlessly expanding fields of national security and counterterrorism. This program is administered jointly by the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) and Maxwell’s Executive Education Dept.